C&D Technologies delivers world-class power solutions for mission-critical industrial applications. We have been driving industry for more than 100 years, manufacturing and supporting innovative systems for the conversion and storage of electrical power.

A global leader in energy storage solutions and services for the telecommunications, utility, uninterruptible power supply, cable, broadband and renewable energy markets, C&D is a committed to providing high quality, reliable and cost-effective power storage products and services.

With the recent acquisition of Trojan Battery Company, a leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries for motive and stationary applications, C&D created one of the largest energy storage solution providers in North America.Together, our ability to handle all aspects of industrial energy storage, including battery installation, maintenance and recycling is greatly enhanced. A trusted power solutions partner, C&D and Trojan will continue to innovate and develop new technologies aimed at powering the future

OPZS Series Tubular Flooded Battery
GEL 2V/12V Series Battery
LBTY 2V -H Series VRLA Battery
MSE LBTY 2V Series VRLA Battery for Standby power
TEL-FGC 12V Series True Front Access VRLA Battery
TEL-FTA 12V Series True Front Access VRLA Battery
MPS Multi Purpose Series 12V VRLA Battery for Standby
High Rate Max (MR) Series AGM battery for UPS Standby Power  
MRXF 12V series VRLA Battery True Front Access High rate max
MRX Series High rate VRLA Battery
DNT 12V/6V Series VRLA battery design for UPS application
LBTY 12V Series VRLA battery for Standby Power Applications