German Sunshine Group Co., Ltd. is a group company engaged in the production and sales of colloidal batteries. The battery product of German Sunshine Group (Sonnsunshine brand battery) is one of the gel batteries in the world. In China, the German Sunshine battery has been occupying the first position in the domestic market sales of similar products in recent years, which is attributed to the fact that the German Sunshine battery's modern and excellent gel battery is accompanied by the sealed maintenance-free battery almost at the same time. As the sealed batteries and new gels that have appeared have provided favorable conditions for Sunshine Company to develop colloidal sealed batteries.

Over the years, they have continuously researched and improved the formulation of colloidal electrolytes and various specialized additives in the fields of development, manufacturing and application processes. In in-depth research, it is found that the gel battery has the advantages of small self-discharge, excellent deep discharge resistance, long cycle life, low float charge voltage, small float charge current, less maintenance, easy maintenance, no corrosion, no pollution, and no gas escape. No liquid spillage, which is beneficial to environmental protection. Over the years, the company has developed a variety of colloidal batteries ranging from 12V, 1Ah to 3000Ah, including fixed, traction, starting, etc., and there are paste-coated plates and tubular plates. Products are widely used in industrial, military and household appliances. At present, in addition to Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries also occupy the world's leading position in the development, production and sales of colloidal batteries, which are widely used.

German Sunshine A400 series battery, the new best battery specification A400 series battery has eight different specifications, its capacity is from 20AH to 180AH. A400 series batteries have unique structure, long working life and suitable for floating charging applications; for all these batteries, German Sunshine Company will provide appropriate charging technology, A400 complies with DIN, BS and IEC specifications, and has incomparable characteristics of other brands of batteries:
German Sunshine Battery A500 series, when the ambient temperature is 20°C, can be stored for 2 years, the product design life is 7 years, and the battery capacity is from 1.2–200 Ah C20;

German Sunshine A600-OPzV series valve-regulated sealed gel battery adopts German advanced gel battery production technology, uses key raw materials imported from Europe, and uses key special production equipment imported from Europe. The design of the tubular positive plate, the paste-coated negative plate, and the unique colloidal electrolyte preparation and filling process ensure the service life of the battery; it has a long service life and excellent reliability, and can be used in harsh high and low temperature environments, harsh environments power conditions.
This product is widely used in communication, electric power, energy storage, UPS/EPS and other fields.

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